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   As Windsor and Essex County's 1st choice for humane wildlife control, ALL THINGS WILD strives to ensure a humane removal when you have wild animals invading your property. Our Technicians have the experience, expertise, and proper equipment to conduct a thorough inspection of your property and determine the invading species.  Once the animal and the entry point has been identified , Our trained technicians will discuss with you our humane, non lethal removal methods, and what would work best for your situation.

    ALL THINGS WILD uses humane methods to evict animals from a site. Our one way door system allows an animal to exit the nesting area, but renders it unable to re-enter. Once we determine that the animal has left, we repair and animal proof the entry point to prevent an animal from entering again. The area is also cleaned, and decontaminated removing the animal's scent. 

                       ( 1 way Door Eviction )

    Sometimes a one way door system can not be used. This would be when there are babies present, or the area isn't capable of holding a one way door. In these situations, we use live trapping and release methods. If a mother and young are present, the mother will be trapped or evicted, and the babies will be hand removed then placed in an insulated, heated reuniting box. The mother and young are then released together in a natural environment. When live trapping and releasing, we abide by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources laws.

              ( Squirrel nest removal & Proofing)

    Because of the humane methods we use, and the limited stress put on the animals we remove, we are referred by the Windsor Essex County Humane Society, local wildlife rehabilitation centers, and several Veterinary hospitals in the community




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